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How to Stabilize Shaky Videos With Movavi Video Editor 0

How to Stabilize Shaky Videos With Movavi Video Editor

Considering you aren’t a professional cameraman with the apparatus and equipment to make sure that your camera is constantly steady – odds are some of the footage that you shoot is bound to be...


Replacement windows 101: the essentials

Replacement windows generally refer to new windows mounted within the existing frame; as such, they rely on the original window frame for support. Windows usually require replacing when they deteriorate, become draughty or cease...


Corporate Entertainment: 10 Unforgettable Ideas

Keeping your workforce motivated can be challenging at times, especially when there is uncertainty in so many industries. Perhaps you’ve noticed that morale has been particularly low recently? There is no better way to...


Temperature-Controlled Packaging: Challenges and Solutions

The latest product in the packaging industry is temperature-controlled packaging. Essential for businesses that deal with temperature-sensitive and perishable items, this innovative product has seen rapid evolution and development in recent years, allowing for...


Brexit: Mixed Finance Sector Opinion

Should we stay, or should we go? This is the vital question on everyone’s lips. But responses to the Brexit question are mixed. There are convincing arguments both for staying in and coming out...


Why do some advisors favour a Brexit?

As the Brexit campaign gathers ever more headlines with fierce arguments from both sides of the fence, what do financial city advisors think about the idea of turning our back on the EU?