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27 May 2022

How to Stop Phishing Attacks

The best way to protect yourself from phishing attacks is to avoid giving out your personal information. This may be easier said than done, but a few simple steps can go a long way. Whenever you receive an email requesting personal details, stop clicking on it without thinking. Often, the emails look like legitimate company emails, so it is important to double-check the URL and […]

21 May 2022

Important Things to Know About Buying a Property

There are several important things to consider when purchasing a property. You must be aware of all legal documents and laws before purchasing a property. The purchase contract is the most important document, which transfers ownership to the buyer. The contract is registered with the land registry. While buying a home is an exciting and life-changing event, it’s also a stressful process. More than half […]

15 April 2022

How Businesses Suffer When They Ignore Food Safety

While many business owners and managers have been focusing on margin pressures, food safety has to remain a top priority for all companies. The lack of training and a culture that discourages food safety are often the culprits. Some food employees don’t wash their hands after using the bathroom or holding their phone, for example. They may also rush through food preparation without washing their […]

13 April 2022

Expenses you can claim

When running a business, there are a number of expenses that you can claim. The way in which you do this and the types of expenses that you can claim will depend very much on the legal setup of your business. Limited companies, for example, will have different ways to claim expenses when compared to sole trader businesses. It is for this reason that it […]

25 March 2022

How to Get Started Planning a Will – The Basics

When it comes to how to get started planning a will, the most important thing is that you take the time to think about your decision. Think about what matters most to you in terms of making a will.  You may wish to get legal advice from Ascot Solicitors for more complex support. Image Credit Therefore, if you are faced with how to get […]

22 March 2022

What Can Good Advice Do For Your Business?

The best advice for a new business is to take advice from someone who has been successful in their industry. If you’ve been in business for a short time, you’ll probably think that your idea is the best thing since sliced bread. However, sometimes you need to hear the opinion of a third party who is more impartial. Rather than blindly following the advice of […]

22 March 2022

General Guidelines For Purchasing And Selling A Website

Whether you are buying or selling a website, you have certainly been on numerous channels that list websites for sale. You have come across annoying buyers or difficult sellers. Whichever side you fall on, you can benefit from observing a few guidelines to make your transaction smooth and fruitful. Some of these general guidelines are: Provide a URL  Some website sellers prefer to keep the […]

27 February 2022

Constructive Dismissal Claims – How do you Go About Making a Claim?

Being unhappy at work is something that many of us feel from time to time. But if this is a situation that has been ongoing for some time, and you feel that your only option is to resign, then you may need to look into making a constructive dismissal claim. Image Credit A constructive dismissal claim is something that can be made when an employer […]

27 February 2022

Why is PC Gaming So Popular?

While consoles offer many advantages, PCs often can’t compete with their high-end counterparts. So, why are we seeing a growth in popularity for PC gaming? In addition, every PC has its own hardware limitations, making it more difficult to develop a universal game. With this in mind, why are we seeing a growth in popularity for PC gaming? Let’s look at the differences between consoles […]

25 February 2022

Safety Considerations For Moving Chemicals

Whether you are transporting hazardous materials for research purposes or need to move large cylinders, moving chemicals is a dangerous and complex task. To avoid potential mishaps, you should follow a few essential safety precautions when transporting chemicals. Remember to use personal protective equipment, and group containers by their Hazard Class. You should not move organic solvents and acids together, and if you’re storing hazardous […]