10 May 2024

PR for Construction Firms

By ruiiid5

Construction companies that operate in B2B markets need to have a strong PR strategy. Effective construction PR can enhance brand awareness, but also build credibility, trust and grow business.

Construction has historically been a difficult industry to get positive coverage. However, there are some hidden gems that can be found amongst the bricks and concrete.

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  1. Becoming a thought-leader

By creating and sharing informative content, you can position your company as a thought leader in the construction industry. You can provide valuable feedback even if you are not the market leader.

Create high-quality articles and blogs to discuss trends in construction and showcase your expertise. For advice from a Cheltenham PR Agency, visit Head on PR

  1. Speak up

Speak at conferences and events in your industry to build credibility and increase visibility among B2B companies. You will benefit from the PR that the organisers do about the event, and you’ll be heard by contractors, architects and building product manufacturers.

  1. Join an industry association

Join relevant associations in the construction industry, and then offer to serve on their committee. You’ll be able to benefit from the marketing and PR efforts of any body that welcomes new members.

If you’re a member of a committee, your name could be listed on the website of the association or in their marketing materials. This can help to raise your profile so that journalists will find you when they are looking for industry spokespersons.

  1. Video: Use the power of it

Video is a great way to reach a wider audience.

For PR and marketing campaigns, a time lapse video can be used to show a project or a specific task. Consider a virtual tour of the construction site.

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  1. A good photograph is not to be underestimated

If you want media coverage, it is important to have high-resolution images of good quality. You can use them on your website or social media to increase sales and attract new customers.

Consider hiring a PR photographer who has experience creating marketing campaigns for the construction industry. If there is a drastic change, before and after photos of a project can be effective.

  1. Your community is important

Engage the local community in order to establish a positive image. Consider participating in local events, volunteering to support construction-related causes, and supporting local charities as part of your PR and marketing efforts.

  1. Enter into awards

You can use industry-specific awards or regional ones to highlight your company’s accomplishments. Being shortlisted or winning prestigious awards can boost your credibility and set you apart from the competition. The recognition of your team’s hard work can boost their morale, and you will benefit from any marketing campaigns run by the award organisers.