22 July 2022

Creating a Garage Office at Home

By ruiiid5

Because working from home is becoming more and more common since the pandemic, creating space in your home to have a designated working area has become something that many people are keen to do. Working at the kitchen table long term is not the best way to be able to work and having a space to work in that is separate from family life is a good idea for many reasons.

However, when you have limited space in your home and don’t really want to move just so that you can have an extra room for an office, it is time to be creative and create a space in the home that is right for you to work from.

With this in mind, something that lots of people consider doing is converting their garage. Garages make fantastic home offices, as they are naturally separate from the rest of the house. This ability to keep things separate is one of the reasons for the popularity of the garage office. Of course, if you use your garage for storage as well, then you might need to think about how you can make it work. Here are a few tips for you if you are considering turning your garage into your own home office…

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Work out the Layout – If you have a lot of stuff in the garage and need to accommodate storing lots of things, have a look at how you can do this whilst creating your office. Storage units and ideas for storage are numerous, and there are creative ways to make the most of the space – for example, you can keep tools on the wall and use hanging bike racks to give you more floor space and keep your storage.

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Make sure it is Safe and Secure – It’s important that with all that office equipment in there you make sure that the garage is safe from burglars. Security lighting is a great thing to have around your garage, as well as a garage door that is secure – if your door has seen better days, this garage doors Taunton based company www.upandoverdoorsltd.co.uk/garage-doors/garage-doors-taunton will be able to help you find a new one.

Check if you need planning permission – It is always worth checking if you need planning permission if you are making big changes to your home – you don’t want to do it only to be ordered to undo it all!