25 December 2023

Five ways to bring more light into your home

By ruiiid5

Having more natural light in a home is something that many people wish for, as it provides a relaxing and welcoming ambience and has a positive effect on mood. Here are some top ways to increase the amount of natural light in your home.

1. Entrance Ways

One of the most effective ways to bring more light into your home is by changing your door or entranceway. Whether it is switching to brighter UPVC doors in Hereford or adding sidelights to doors in Edinburgh, changing entranceways is an effective tip that can be used nationwide.

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2. Windows

The style of your windows influences the amount of light they let through; for example, if you have diamond pattern windows, replacing them with plain glazing will boost light levels and give a fresh look to your home. For more ideas on windows and UPVC doors Hereford and beyond, a simple internet search will give you inspiration.

3. Skylights

If you are looking to dramatically increase natural light in a room, adding a skylight or roof lantern works wonders.

4. Patio doors

A dark exterior wall can be transformed by the addition of sliding patio doors. Not only does this give you better access to your garden but also your room will be filled with natural light.

5. Reflective colours

Some colours help to increase the light and feeling of space. If you are unable to add new windows, a bright coat of white paint is a quick way to reflect light around the room. According to a study by Purdue University, white paint can also keep your house cooler in hot weather.

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Natural light in the home brings many benefits to our well-being, so why not try some of these tips today?