15 June 2023

Investing in your property before putting it on the market to achieve the highest possible asking price.

By ruiiid5

When you have made the monumental decision to sell your current property you want to achieve the highest possible asking price to enable you to purchase the next home of your dreams. All the reality television shows that document families selling their homes show them decluttering and investing money into showing off their houses before putting them on the open market. If you have an unused attic or loft space it’s worth considering converting that wasted space into another room. Large, Family homes always fetch more money and those that have added extra space with a tasteful, safe, attic or loft conversion sell for a higher price.  The old saying “You must spend money to make money” is definitely true when it comes to selling houses.

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This may seem like a large investment but if converted tastefully and safely using the skills of a reputable and qualified builder you will reap the benefits when you do sell.  A bright and airy beautifully decorated attic room complete with sleek downlights fitted with specialist Downlight Covers provided by a professional company such as thermahooddirect.com, alongside LED lamps will definitely increase the sale price of your home a lot more than your original investment cost you.

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With safety in mind these bespoke downlight covers are made from a fire retardant material offering peace of mind to any attic or loft conversion.