15 April 2024

Staying put during a kitchen renovation

By ruiiid5

Don’t forget to pack up everything you don’t need

Pack up all the things you don’t want to keep. You will need this space at some point during your renovation. You can reduce clutter by planning your storage and free up space for your new kitchen, as well as the construction materials you will need. It’s important to consider your eating regime when packing. Also, think about what you eat and how you prepare meals. You should pack away items you do not use often, and focus on the absolute necessities.

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Don’t worry, it’s temporary. You will soon be unpacking all your treasured items in your new kitchen! For Kitchen Refurb experts, visit https://www.thekitchenrefurbishmentcompany.co.uk/

People are often surprised at how much stuff they have stored unnecessarily. Get rid of all expired food, kitchen utensils, and appliances. This is the best time to clear out clutter. This will not only make the renovation process easier, but will also ensure that your kitchen is well-organised. You can move the items to a place that is completely separate from your kitchen but still accessible during the work.

Move your old appliances

Can you cope without your refrigerator and/or oven for a portion of or all the time during renovations? You can minimise the impact of a kitchen renovation by relocating your appliances somewhere else in the home.

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Many suggest that a temporary kitchen could be set up elsewhere, perhaps in the garage.

You may be without a kitchen for some time if you are renovating as part of an extension. You can still live in your home by moving appliances like fridges and freezers. Ovens are not so easily moved. Ask your designer where you can move appliances during the project.

A microwave and/or slow cooker is a good option for cooking or reheating food. You’ll also need a fridge to store perishables.

Set up a provisional preparation area

You will need some space for food preparation if you plan to relocate your appliances during renovations and continue cooking. You can use temporary worktops or cabinets depending on the stage of your project. If you don’t have an extra table or temporary camping or decorating table, then these can be used as makeshift work surfaces. Place a sturdy table in an area where you’d be happy to prepare food.