15 July 2023

Do you have to be retired to live in a park home?

By ruiiid5

There is a tendency to associate park homes with retirees, and it is true that many residents are over the age of 60, but that is not the same as saying that you must be retired before you move to one. Many people in their fifties have realised that park home living can offer something for them too.
To be clear, the Mobile Homes Act 2013 is the law regulating park homes and it makes no mention of age or employment requirement. Your next question will likely be, “What are the benefits of residential park homes near me?”.

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Financial benefits

Saving money is a major reason to choose a park home. They are cheaper to purchase and run than traditional houses. Downsizing can also earn you a profit. You want time to enjoy that extra cash.

Easier living

Running a large house and garden is draining for anyone. Park homes are smaller, single-floor and lower maintenance, freeing you up to relax and enjoy your time.

Can still stay active

Moving to a park home does not mean that life stops. They tend to be in sought-out areas with nearby walking opportunities, and many sites have facilities such as gyms and dance floors.

Join a community

Some park homes do have minimum age requirements, though normally before retirement age. Residents being of a similar age, background and mindset often means that the shared community spirit is strong.

Free up housing stock

Purchasing a first home can be incredibly difficult. When you move to a park site, you free up a full-size house for a young couple who need somewhere to build their family. Perhaps it is time to look for residential park homes near me?

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No, you do not have to be retired to live in a park home and, in fact, moving in your fifties or even your forties means more opportunity to take advantage of financial and other benefits, including being able to join a like-minded community. It can even be beneficial to younger people not yet on the housing ladder.