22 July 2023

Three Reasons Why People Choose Timber Framed Homes

By ruiiid5

Something that is gaining more popularity with self builders, is using a timber frame kit from somewhere like this Timber frame company merlintimberframe.co.uk

There are lots of reasons why people are attracted to a timber frame kit when going down the self-build route – here are some of the reasons…

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It Makes Budgeting Easier – In order to make sure that you can build your home, you need to make sure that you can cover all the costs of building it. Because a pre-made timber frame is already made to an extent, you are less likely to run into extra costs for additional materials for example, and therefore you will get a better idea of what the overall project is going to end up costing, your budgeting is much easier.

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It is Quicker – One of the big appeals for timber frame kits is the fact that it is much quicker to build a home that has already been designed and made in a factory. Because most of the process is done beforehand, once the timber frame kit is delivered to site it can be put up and weatherproofed in a really short space of time, making it a great option if you want a home that you can be living in quickly.

It is Sustainable – Wood is a sustainable material and if you are considering the environmental impact of your home, this is important to think about along with heating systems and how to create a space that is friendly to wildlife on the land.