24 October 2023

Ways to keep the heat in the home

By ruiiid5

There are more than a few ways to keep heat within the home. First of all, you can look at replacing any of the old fixtures and fittings, which may well have come to the end of their life and use. However, there are several other ways in which you can retain heat in the home that you may not have considered. Let’s start with some of the most prominent areas.

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  1.  Windows. A considerable amount of heat is lost through window panes. The technology involved in a window has improved dramatically over the Decades, and we now have double and triple glazing. These act as reflectors, pushing the heat back into the home as it tries to seep out.
  2.  Cavity wall insulation. Older homes have gaps between their brickwork, and this can create a void of cold, which will draw out the heat of the home. This cavity is a good move as it will enable the heat to be retained within the home.

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3. Draughts. These are gaps under doors or even sizable holes above light fittings. These allow in cold air and are channelled at speed, making it worse. Downlight Covers, like those from thermahooddirect.com/ can be placed above kitchen and LED lights stopping drops from coming through and increasing the need to put heating systems on.

There are other ways in which you can reduce heat, such as ensuring your boiler is efficient or switching to a more energy-efficient heating system.