15 April 2024

Staying put during a kitchen renovation

Don’t forget to pack up everything you don’t need Pack up all the things you don’t want to keep. You will need this space at some point during your renovation. You can reduce clutter by planning your storage and free up space for your new kitchen, as well as the construction materials you will need. It’s important to consider your eating regime when packing. Also, […]

18 March 2024

Five Living Kitchen Trends

Living kitchens are growing in popularity. Rather than the traditional view of a kitchen as simply a place to prepare and eat meals, living kitchens blur the lines between kitchen space and living space, creating a holistic room where people can relax and socialise. If you are considering a living kitchen refurbishment, here are five trends to consider.

8 March 2024

Hire a marquee for weddings or parties

Many factors influence the wedding marquee industry, but your wedding location is one of the most important. The majority of wedding marquee companies are located within a certain geographical area. When searching for a company to hire for your big event, it is best to limit your search to companies in your locality.

27 February 2024

Working in the Hospitality Industry

When the Covid Pandemic struck the whole World back at the end of 2019 many businesses were ordered to close their doors and shut up shop.  The Hospitality Industry was one of the hardest hit and many restaurants, cafes, bars and pubs unfortunately never reopened and went out of business.  Trying to attract customers back into their establishments is a continuous challenge and many venues […]

26 February 2024

On a Mission to Elevate the Standards of All Equity Release Legal Services

The professional Practice of Equity Release has in the past been considered to be a Minefield of complex Legal Terminology and endless paperwork that most lay people don’t understand.  On a mission to Elevate the Standards of All Equity Release Legal Services is a reputable, trusted, highly-skilled company such as tivoli.legal/ who are a well-established, experienced, Equity Release Solicitor.  With twenty-five years’ experience this dedicated, […]

25 February 2024

Buying a van for your small business

If you are a builder or courier who depends on a vehicle to make a living, purchasing a van via your company is a tax-efficient option. Before you begin shopping, there are a few things to keep in mind.

24 February 2024

Some costs involved in selling your house

Finding your dream home is an exciting life milestone to achieve. But before you pop the bubbly to celebrate, selling your old home can be the real Everest to conquer when it comes to costs. It’s important not to get too caught up in that new house smell, as selling your current place can usually sneak up on you with a list of hidden fees […]

22 February 2024

What to consider before you lend money to friends

There are many reasons why a person looking to borrow money will approach a friend or a family member first, including a desire to avoid payday lenders or having a poor credit rating. If you have been approached by a friend who would like to borrow some money from you, here are some things to keep in mind before agreeing.

26 January 2024

Some of the hottest knitting trends

Are you interested in what’s hot in knitting right now? Want your patterns and designs to be on trend this year? Then here are some current trends to keep an eye on as inspiration for your next project: Beanies With winter in full swing, the classic beanie is still in vogue. Berets might have been last winter’s fad but the beanie is still as popular […]

25 January 2024

More People are Looking for Properties with Renewable Energy

One of the best renewable forms of energy is solar PV and the solar panels on roofs that capture energy from the sun and use it to generate electricity have become popular in recent years. As well as the environmental benefits, solar panels also are attractive because they can reduce your electricity bill by a lot.