22 March 2022

General Guidelines For Purchasing And Selling A Website

Whether you are buying or selling a website, you have certainly been on numerous channels that list websites for sale. You have come across annoying buyers or difficult sellers. Whichever side you fall on, you can benefit from observing a few guidelines to make your transaction smooth and fruitful. Some of these general guidelines are: Provide a URL  Some website sellers prefer to keep the […]

27 February 2022

Constructive Dismissal Claims – How do you Go About Making a Claim?

Being unhappy at work is something that many of us feel from time to time. But if this is a situation that has been ongoing for some time, and you feel that your only option is to resign, then you may need to look into making a constructive dismissal claim. Image Credit A constructive dismissal claim is something that can be made when an employer […]

27 February 2022

Why is PC Gaming So Popular?

While consoles offer many advantages, PCs often can’t compete with their high-end counterparts. So, why are we seeing a growth in popularity for PC gaming? In addition, every PC has its own hardware limitations, making it more difficult to develop a universal game. With this in mind, why are we seeing a growth in popularity for PC gaming? Let’s look at the differences between consoles […]

25 February 2022

Safety Considerations For Moving Chemicals

Whether you are transporting hazardous materials for research purposes or need to move large cylinders, moving chemicals is a dangerous and complex task. To avoid potential mishaps, you should follow a few essential safety precautions when transporting chemicals. Remember to use personal protective equipment, and group containers by their Hazard Class. You should not move organic solvents and acids together, and if you’re storing hazardous […]

22 February 2022

What Is a Marine Launch and Recovery System?

The concept behind a marine based launch and recovery system is to make it easy for a ship to retrieve a lost or damaged vehicle. The LARS is installed on the stern of the ship and consists of an A-frame and a cradle. The cradle holds the vehicle while the A-frame rotates. The docking head provides the needed dampening in heavy seas and is used […]

14 February 2022

Mobile phones and music

The use of mobile phones to play music has been a true revolution in how we purchase and listen to sounds. Streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music have created a world of instant access. No longer do we wait in the queue at Our Price for a CD or Tape. With the creation of Shazam, which is directly linked to the streaming […]

17 January 2022

Can you still build homes from wood?

The simple answer is yes. There is wood in your home right now in the loft holding up the roof. There may also be floorboards or a compressed wood floor underneath the carpet in the upper floor or floors. However, is it possible to build a house primarily from wood, but it is increasingly rare for this to be the case. From a Home Buyers […]

25 October 2021

Transfer of equity: What is it and who might need to do it?

Simply put, this is the situation when the owner of a property needs to change the property’s legal titles by adding or removing a person from this document. By doing so, this will change the ownership of the property. It is important to note that in this process no sale of the property will take place, and at least one of the original owners will […]

5 October 2021

Team building ideas to build morale

Team building is an incredibly important process and should be undertaken at a number of points. This could be when a new member of staff joins the team, after a difficult period of time or on an annual basis. Trying to ensure that your staff members are happy in their job role, as well as within their teams, is crucial to ensure a  productive team […]