22 February 2016

Yahoo! BOSS: March Signifies the End of an Era

For many businesses, Yahoo! BOSS has been an indispensable bit of kit for the development of their own open-search web service platform. But, with the news that the initiative will be closing this March, many will have to look elsewhere for a new platform.

21 February 2016

NIROC Income Rates for 2016

Solar energy is soaring in Northern Ireland with people looking for cleaner alternatives to fossil fuels and nuclear power. Soaring energy bills have also led to more people looking for new ways to heat and power their homes.

20 February 2016

Machine Learning and SEO: An Unholy Alliance?

Machine learning sounds ominous, but it is already here. If you conduct an internet search, the chances are that machine learning has already impacted upon your day-to-day life.

19 February 2016

Reproducing the past: adding a repro twist

The distinctive, minimalistic look of the mid-20th century was innovative and refreshing in its time, with designs by names such as Ercole, Arne Jacobsen and Eames still having a strong influence on today’s contemporary style. If you are looking to create a mid-century style for your living space, this does not have to be an expensive project.

12 February 2016

Flat Design 2.0 − what’s the fuss all about?

Flat Design 2.0 offers an evolution of flat design, ironing out some of the issues identified in the initial user experience. Designers worldwide have utilised the flat format within web design; however, as with most things, some subtle changes were required to improve usability. This is exactly what the latest iteration offers.

11 February 2016

Do we lack willpower?

Remember the last time you had to deal with a boring or difficult task. Maybe you had the feeling that your willpower left you, suddenly your ability to focus was not with you. We all feel this on occasion. Even now, when you feel you are fighting against your own instincts, you can stop and focus. You just have to recharge your willpower.