25 February 2022

Taking on a Property Renovation Project – What to Think About Before You Take the Plunge

By ruiiid5

Finding the right property for your project is not something that you should rush into. Speak to people who have renovated a property before, get some advice and even have a look at local property auctions to get an idea of the sort of properties that are available and the prices that they go for at auction.

Drive around and have a look at the properties and try to gather as much information as you can about what you are taking on beforehand as this will put you in a much better position and will reduce the chances of taking on more than you realised.

Be aware that many of these types of properties are likely to have a range of problems that can cost a lot of money to repair, so consider what these might be and take into account the costs of getting these sorted out before you take the property on. Common problems that you are likely to find include damp, roof problems, and electrical and heating issues.

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You will need to consider how you will get the funds for the property, as it is a little different that getting a normal mortgage. You will need to speak to mortgage advisors to find out more about this, and from there you can work out your budget, both for the purchase of the property as well as the costs for doing all of the work on it that is needed. Even if you are able to do some of the work, you will need other people to do a lot of it for you.

Once you have chosen and bought the house that you want, you can start considering the process of designing it. There may be certain features that you want to keep, especially if it an older property which has a lot of beautiful original features. There may be fireplaces that take your fancy that you really want to keep, or some original tiling. You will need to find a qualified architect to help you with the plans for the house, as they will also be able to advise you and give you some ideas for how to make the best of it.

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Getting the right people in to do the jobs is important for timings and safety – this of course is something that you will also need to factor in for the costs of renovating the property. Machinery, tools and equipment will also be needed, especially if you are taking on some of the jobs yourself. You may need to purchase specialist equipment such as these Euromac bending machines https://www.cotswold-machinery-sales.co.uk/euromac-bending-machines/horizontal-bending-machines/ , or for large machinery, as well as vehicles which might be needed for the project you might want to go down the plant hire route.