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28 April 2023

You can find the Chained Library and Mappa Mundi in the beautiful Cathedral of Hereford.

With a tight-knit community that have worked and worshipped together for over 1,300 years, Hereford Cathedral is a very special Home to not only all these religious devotees but to the Chained Library and the Mappa Mundi.  The exquisite chamber that holds the Mappa Mundi is open from 10:00am through to 4:30pm every day, except Sundays, and the exhibition allows excited visitors and locals to […]

20 April 2023

How architecture can affect how we feel

Did you know that architecture has an impact on your mood and how you feel? If you are surrounded by monotonous grey buildings that are cold and uninviting, this can raise feelings of anxiety and stress. Whereas natural elements can induce feelings of calm and relaxation. For places like hospitals, the benefits of landscaped gardens and peaceful areas include faster recovery times. Therefore, architecture and […]

22 March 2023

The Rights of Medication Administration

Did you know that for nursing and healthcare staff who administer medication, there are certain checks that must be made? These are known as the 6 rights of medication administration. The Right Patient Every medical establishment will have their own protocols but all nursing staff must check the patient’s name and birthdate as shown on their hospital wristband. Image credit The Right Medication It is […]

22 February 2023

Things to Look for When Choosing a New Computer

When it comes to shopping for a new computer, there are lots of things to think about that will mean you get the right computer for your needs. There are so many different computers out there to choose from that it can be difficult to wade through all of the information that is available and make sure that you find one that is suitable for […]

2 February 2023

What are the 3 types of trauma?

Trauma informed practice is becoming more commonplace in health settings and there are other industries such as education that are looking to have more staff attend Trauma informed training like those offered by to help staff members feel confident in supporting people who have experience trauma and may be displaying some of the behaviours that are associated with this. These behaviours can range from […]

11 January 2023

Protect your Pipes in the Cold Weather

Throughout December, a cold snap made its way over to the British Isles and stayed around for some time. As well as the issues that this caused with transport, and getting around as roads, railways and pavements became snowy and icy and therefore dangerous, it can also cause issues for us closer to home.

28 September 2022

How to structure a good speech

There are many occasions when you might be asked to give a speech. This could be giving a speech for a wedding or for a more formal work-related event. Regardless of why you are being asked to give the speech, there are some structural elements to speech writing that you can transfer over to any situation. Another important aspect of any kind of speaking is […]

26 September 2022

How students can contribute to school communications

Keeping parents informed of everything that is going on at their child’s school can be a time-consuming task. The information that is shared can sometimes be better written from the children’s perspective, and this helps them to feel like they are a part of the wider community, and it can help their parents to also feel more connected to the school.

31 August 2022

Things to see and do in Glasgow

Once a city of culture, Glasgow is a place where there is plenty to keep yourself occupied with. It’s the most populous city in Glasgow and the fourth largest in the UK. At one time it was known as a busy port and ship bulidng centre but now it devotes its time to finance and modern tech like the Web Design Glasgow based company […]

31 July 2022

What’s the best way to manage a gym

Now that we can go back to them, the use of the gym has finally come back into service. The weekly, daily, or monthly for the less keen, trips to the gym can now become part of our regular lives again. Given that many of us have put on a few pounds over the lockdowns and social distancing, some gyms have seen a sudden sharp […]