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18 November 2023

Be Safe When Driving in Winter Weather Conditions

To make sure that you are safe on the road you need to check that your car is well maintained, and also ensure that you book it in for an MOT with a qualified mechanic like this MOT Gloucester based company when it is due. During the winter, there are lots of driving conditions that can make driving more dangerous than usual, and it […]

24 October 2023

How Bath could benefit from plans to streamline business solar panel regulations

The city of Bath is on an ongoing mission to improve its environmental credentials. The city council has adopted a multi-pronged approach, which includes reducing air and noise pollution, improving biodiversity and environmental sustainability, developing green infrastructure, and forming strategic environmental partnerships. These measures are designed to keep the residents and visitors of this beautiful city healthy for longer. Image credit Solar panels One way […]

24 October 2023

What are the advantages of copper pipe?

Copper pipe has long been seen as the gold standard when it comes to plumbing and there are many reasons why this is the case. Here we will take a look at why copper pipe continues to be the premium choice.

20 October 2023

An introduction to ultrasonic cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning is a highly effective method of removing grease, dirt, debris and grime from surfaces, even those that contain crevices and holes. The technology has been developed for over 70 years, with scientists formulating cleaning methods for when water and detergent alone simply do not stand up to the task.

19 October 2023

Bones: Fascinating facts

Scientists are constantly discovering new and amazing things about the human body. These are some interesting facts about our amazing bones. The smallest bone The stirrup bone is among the smallest bones inside the body. Only a few millimetres long and one of three bones in the middle ear, this u-shaped bone is responsible for transferring sound vibrations to the cochlea, where the brain interprets […]

18 October 2023

What you should know before becoming a security officer

Security guards provide a valuable service in keeping people, property and other items secure. It could be as simple as watching over a business or working in a shop to monitor for shoplifters. There may be technology and practical items in places to help you with your job such as CCTV cameras and the use of Security Seal products like the ones you can see […]

27 September 2023

How to dry your wool clothing

Washing and drying your knitwear carefully is key to keeping your garments soft, supple and in shape. We’ve all experienced the horror of a shrunken sweater, but caring for your wool clothing needn’t be a nightmare. Here’s how to keep your winter wardrobe in tip-top condition after washing. Check the label first Before washing and drying, make sure you double-check your garment’s label. It will […]

26 September 2023

How should you dispose of old medication?

Safe handling of medication is essential to ensure the safety of people, protect the environment, and prevent misuse or accidental ingestion. When medication is thrown away with your regular household waste, it will gradually pollute the soil, rivers and oceans. As a result, these compounds potentially harm aquatic ecosystems and can even enter the human food chain. Image credit Expired medicine should be taken back […]

25 July 2023

Transform Your Neighbourhood into a Thriving Hub

If you live in a community which you feel lacks any prominent features, you may feel that you want to help make some change. A neighbourhood that does not have any attractions is not somewhere you will want to raise children, as it may lack playgrounds which can lead to your children becoming bored, especially during the holidays. By identifying some ways your community can […]

21 July 2023

Located in the North of Gloucestershire is the medieval, market town of Tewkesbury

After the construction of the Abbey in the twelfth century, the small, market town of Tewkesbury grew rapidly in popularity.  Now home to over 20,000 local residents, this beautiful town with its medieval Abbey and stunning old buildings stands at the confluence of the River Avon and the River Severn.  Right on the border of Worcestershire, the community of Tewkesbury has lots of green, open […]