18 July 2023

Don’t rely on Community Transport or Taxi’s again, purchase your own Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle.

By ruiiid5

Do you rely on Community transport or expensive taxis to enable you to get to essential Hospital or Doctors appointments, go food or clothes shopping, meet up with friends and family or just go to the park for some fresh air? Don’t put your life on hold because you can’t get somewhere you really want to go.  Choose from a huge range of reliable, new and used WAV Vehicles and purchase your own Wheelchair Accessible Car or Van.  Being disabled shouldn’t disadvantage your life when it comes to travel, owning your own “WAV” will allow you the freedom you deserve and the independence you are entitled to.  Take your friends and family out for the day or just go shopping on your own, wherever and whenever you want to.

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Visit friends and family in distant towns and cities, go on holiday for the first time without the constraints of expensive taxis and waiting around for mobility transportation.  Make your car interior a safe, personal space that you can enjoy, whether you are able to drive the vehicle yourself or not, it will be yours.

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Purchasing your Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle from a reputable, experienced, professional dealer means you will be guaranteed a reliable, safe car or van that has been fitted with all the appropriate fixtures and fittings you need.  Complete with a winch if needed, air-conditioning, rear-view sensors and cameras as well as seat belts for you and all your passengers.