20 April 2023

How architecture can affect how we feel

By ruiiid5

Did you know that architecture has an impact on your mood and how you feel? If you are surrounded by monotonous grey buildings that are cold and uninviting, this can raise feelings of anxiety and stress. Whereas natural elements can induce feelings of calm and relaxation.

For places like hospitals, the benefits of landscaped gardens and peaceful areas include faster recovery times. Therefore, architecture and planning have a huge impact on our daily lives. Dark, badly lit spaces can feel oppressive and make people feel uncertain or even scared. Designing buildings for the public must factor in these emotional reactions to surroundings.

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The way a space is laid out also has a significant impact on how effectively and efficiently jobs are done and tasks are carried out. Today’s architecture must reflect this mindfulness and seek to improve the way people feel about the space they use everyday.

Design can affect society in ways you probably haven’t thought of. It can alter our perceptions, influence our mood and shape our actions. When you require the services of Residential Architects London, consider visiting https://www.rbddesign.com/architects-design/residential-architecture-london

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We all need shelter but once this need has been met, the design becomes increasingly important. Textures used and the layout can impact a person’s health, emotional state and productivity. This is why there is now a greater focus on designing for mindfulness in the buildings of today and tomorrow. Simple things like ceiling height, the view, the colours and lighting can all impact how a person feels and uses a space.