24 October 2023

How Bath could benefit from plans to streamline business solar panel regulations

By ruiiid5

The city of Bath is on an ongoing mission to improve its environmental credentials. The city council has adopted a multi-pronged approach, which includes reducing air and noise pollution, improving biodiversity and environmental sustainability, developing green infrastructure, and forming strategic environmental partnerships. These measures are designed to keep the residents and visitors of this beautiful city healthy for longer.

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Solar panels

One way in which solar panel installers in Bath are contributing to these environmental measures is through the supply and installation of domestic and commercial solar panels. Fitted to rooftops, these photovoltaic panels capture ultraviolet light and convert it into electricity, reducing a building’s reliance on the national grid and making it largely – if not entirely – self-sufficient.

Solar panels reduce a building’s carbon emissions by up to 900 kg of CO2 per year, making them a very effective way of improving a building’s environmental credentials.

Solar panel regulations

Whilst domestic customers have been able to access solar panels for many years, with minimal restrictions placed upon them by planning departments, business customers have faced more of a struggle. There is light at the end of the tunnel, however, as new measures are being introduced to streamline regulations for businesses wishing to install solar panels atop their business infrastructure.

Secretary of State for Energy Security and Net Zero Claire Coutinho announced at a recent Conservative Party conference in Manchester that she intends to ease the regulatory burden on commercial businesses wishing to install solar panels on the roofs of their industrial facilities, warehouses, car parks, and factories. These measures, if introduced, could dramatically contribute to Bath’s desire for a green and sustainable city.

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This will be welcome news to solar panel installers Bath, who will no doubt be watching developments closely and taking all appropriate measures to adapt their solutions and services to match increased demand from this growing market.

In conclusion, should the new solar panel regulations be introduced, they may be a major stepping stone for the city of Bath in achieving its green ambitions.