26 September 2022

How students can contribute to school communications

By ruiiid5

Keeping parents informed of everything that is going on at their child’s school can be a time-consuming task. The information that is shared can sometimes be better written from the children’s perspective, and this helps them to feel like they are a part of the wider community, and it can help their parents to also feel more connected to the school.

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Here are some ways that students can contribute to school communications.

Blogs – class or year blogs can be a good way to show parents what their children get up to during the school day. These can be written by the teachers, but students can also contribute to them. It is important that these are set up securely, and you may want to speak to a Websites for schools specialist www.fsedesign.co.uk/websites-for-schools, to ensure that your website will allow for blogs to be added.

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Newsletters – many schools send out regular newsletters to families. These can contain a section where pupils can contribute. This is often more appropriate in secondary schools where school councils and head boys and girls can write a piece that can be shared.

Open days and evenings – it can be nice to allow parents to come into their children’s schools for either an open day or evening where they can see the work their children have been doing. It also gives the children a chance to show their parents around and take pride in their school work and school community.