19 June 2023

How Sudden Death Can Cause Trauma to Loved Ones

By ruiiid5

When you lose a loved one or friend through sudden death, feelings of being overwhelmed with a range of emotions are common. When the circumstances of the death are unexpected or traumatic, it can lead to what’s called complicated grief or traumatic grief. Traumatic events like sudden death can lead to those grieving to develop symptoms of PTSD.

Sudden death can turn your world upside down. The unexpected nature of such a negative experience can rock you to your core. Some people will experience grief for several years to feel anything close to normal again.

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You may also feel angry about the death of your loved one and have difficulty concentrating. It’s crucial to find someone to talk to who can help if these feelings persist. To train your staff in Trauma informed training, contact https://www.tidaltraining.co.uk/mental-health-courses/

In addition, the shock of a sudden death can cause you to question your beliefs and your worldview. Commonly, this can occur when events are completely out of our control, such as deaths that occur due to violence. This could include a car accident, natural disaster, murder or terrorist attack. These events can increase feelings of betrayal, guilt, shame and helplessness.

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The numbness you feel can wear off as time passes, and the pain of your loss will resurface. There might be a period of denial or the inability to stop running through the events in your mind. Many worry that they should have done something to prevent the event from happening.