20 July 2022

How to strengthen your neck and shoulders

By ruiiid5

There are many pressure points in the body that suffer the most from bad posture. The back, both upper and lower, is one of the many places where the spectre of sitting badly can cause issues and pain. However, there is another part of the body that can suffer in this way, and it also needs to be strengthened and given more thought. It’s your neck and shoulders. If these two parts of the body aren’t given the same consideration, then they can become very painful.

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The good news is that most of these exercises can be done at the desk. Arm circles are one of the best and easiest to achieve. All you have to do is roll your shoulders a few times. The gentle rolling of the neck is also useful. You have to be careful with this one and not be too exuberant with the movement and extension. Lastly, simply stretching and reaching for the sky is another great stretching exercise to help keep you supple.

These small moves can be just enough to help you in later life and to stave off any issues.