17 November 2023

The best reasons to knit gifts

By ruiiid5

Knitting gifts for friends and family offers all sorts of benefits. From saving money to trying new things, we take a look at the very best reasons to knit gifts.

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Making it personal

Unlike a mass-produced item, a handmade gift is far more special for the recipient. Not only does it feel more personal, but you can actually personalise it too.

You can make a jumper in your friend or family member’s favourite colours, or you can make something they need or truly want. If you’re not an accomplished knitter, consider something like a personalised letter cushion knitting kit from www.woolcouturecompany.com/collections/knitting-kits which comes with everything you need to create a truly personal gift.

Trying new things

Many of us get in a knitting rut, making the same old patterns time and again, just like we do with cake or dinner recipes. But creating gifts can push us out of our knitting comfort zone. Perhaps a friend is having a baby and you’ve never knitted baby items before? Or do you have a friend who’s always wanted a crocheted soft toy? Now’s the time to learn how! Gifting is a great way to broaden your repertoire and deepen your existing knitting skills.

Saving money

Given the current climate, money-saving is a huge motivation for many of us, especially at Christmas, a time when there is so much other stuff to buy. Even accounting for the price of wool, you will invariably save money when you knit a gift, compared to the cost of buying something. If you plan well, you can save even more by choosing yarn that will be useful for more than one gift.

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Saving money, creating a more personal gift and even improving your skills are just three of the reasons why it’s better to knit your gifts.