22 March 2023

The Rights of Medication Administration

By ruiiid5

Did you know that for nursing and healthcare staff who administer medication, there are certain checks that must be made? These are known as the 6 rights of medication administration.

  • The Right Patient

Every medical establishment will have their own protocols but all nursing staff must check the patient’s name and birthdate as shown on their hospital wristband.

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  • The Right Medication

It is imperative to check that the type, strength and dosage of medication is the same that is provided by doctor’s orders. Medicine labels must be checked.

  • The Right Dose

Medications can come in many different strengths and staff must ensure that what they have in their hand is the right dosage as errors could prove fatal. Sometimes medication needs to be adjusted to account for a patient’s weight, age or blood glucose levels, for example.

  • The Right Time

Is it the right time to be administering medication? Staff must avoid giving additional doses or missing them. The appropriate time must have passed since the last dose to avoid potential overdose. For staff needing a Medication administration course, visit https://www.tidaltraining.co.uk/health-and-social-care-courses/safe-handling-medication-training

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  • The Right Route

Medications can be administered via different routes and these can impact the efficacy and effects of the drug. Whether the route is oral, topical or injected via syringe, getting this correct is essential for patient safety.

  • The Right Documentation

Keeping correct records and double checking medical notes is crucial for staff and patient safety. Recording incorrectly or misreading could lead to disastrous consequences for the person receiving the medication.