20 June 2023

The world-renowned British breed of Hereford cattle

By ruiiid5

There are now more than five million animals worldwide that are classified as purebred Herefordshire Cattle. The export of this highly desirable breed started as long ago as 1817 when several quality animals went across to Kentucky.  The popularity of the hardy Hereford cattle grew quickly and they soon became a normal sight for visitors to the United States, Canada, Mexico, and South America.  Now in 2023 there are Herefordshire Cattle in Australasia, Russia, Japan, Israel, Argentina, Chile and New Zealand.  Keeping accurate and thorough records of every calf that has been born to prove they are descended from the original Hereford Bull and Cow is imperative.  With the average cost to buy a high-quality purebred bull priced at £4,500 and a breeding Cow approximately £1,300 it’s clear to see why proper records need to be kept.

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With a local, professional and experienced company such as office-support.co.uk/bookkeeping who are specialist Bookkeepers Hereford, responsible for these intricate records being up to date and accurate, there will be no discrepancies or mistakes. The Herefordshire are known for their ability to forage amongst even the roughest of terrains and the vigour in which they carry out this essential task is partly why this particular cattle breed has thrived even in the harshest of climates.

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Entrusting this important information to a company who can be totally trusted to accurately record every birth and death of these fine animals means the status of any bull or cow can easily and quickly be identified as purebred or not.