22 February 2023

Things to Look for When Choosing a New Computer

By ruiiid5

When it comes to shopping for a new computer, there are lots of things to think about that will mean you get the right computer for your needs. There are so many different computers out there to choose from that it can be difficult to wade through all of the information that is available and make sure that you find one that is suitable for you.

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Whether you are buying brand new, or you are looking to save some money and buy a second hand computer, or refurbished laptops like this https://www.refurbishedlaptops.co.uk here are some of the specifications to familiarise yourself with to make sure you get what you want…

Processor – This is the brain of the computer and is basically what controls the actions of it. There are different types of processors, and it depends on what tasks you need to do as to whether a processor will be able to handle it.

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Memory – Known as RAM (random access memory) this basically means that your computer can do an array of tasks – the more RAM you have the more tasks you can run simultaneously. Think about the things that you need to run – videos and pictures take up a lot of RAM for example.

Graphics Card – This is what will determine the picture quality of your computer and if you want to watch films or play games on the computer, this is going to be one of the most important factors to take into account.