18 October 2023

What you should know before becoming a security officer

By ruiiid5

Security guards provide a valuable service in keeping people, property and other items secure. It could be as simple as watching over a business or working in a shop to monitor for shoplifters. There may be technology and practical items in places to help you with your job such as CCTV cameras and the use of Security Seal products like the ones you can see at https://acmeseals.co.uk/ on high risk or high price items.

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Here’s what you need to do if this job interests you:

Entry Requirements

Security guards are entry-level jobs, but they require training. The UK Security Directory states that if you wish to be a UK security guard, you must obtain a licence from the Security Industry Authority. The first step is to complete a SIA-approved course, then apply and pay for the licence.

Before you begin the training, you will need to meet certain requirements, particularly if you had criminal convictions in the past. You must be 18 years of age.

After you have been hired as a security guard, you will receive ongoing training. You will learn how to use digital or communications technology such as body-worn cameras, as well items of defence gear. Conflict management is also a key part of your training.

Security guards who receive additional training may become police officers or law enforcement officers.

Job aspects

The work of security guards is quite varied. They are involved in many different situations and settings. Some jobs require that you remain stationary. For example, standing in front of the store or watching CCTV images. Security guards not only ensure safety and protection, but also make sure alarms work properly.

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Security guards often work in shifts. These can vary from daytime to nighttime, depending on who you work for and where you guard. The shifts are usually 12 hours long and you might be expected to work alone.

Qualifications and skills required

To excel as a guard, it is important to be observant, and to react quickly in any situation. It is important to remain calm in stressful situations and under pressure. Communication is essential, even though you work largely on your own. This is especially true in emergency situations. This job requires a thorough understanding of safety and legal procedures.