16 June 2023

What you shouldn’t store in your garage

By ruiiid5

Many homeowners use their garages as a default storage space for items that don’t have another home, like seasonal decorations, tools or out-of-season clothes. However, a poorly organised garage can turn into an overwhelming pile of stuff that takes up valuable floor space and makes finding things more difficult. Here are some tips on what not to store in your garage.

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Some things should never be stored in a garage. For example, photographs don’t fare well in the extreme temperatures and moisture of a garage. Moisture can cause them to mildew, and the heat can fade their colour. It’s best to find a place in your house to keep your photos, and digitise any originals that you have. Books also don’t fare well in a garage, where humidity can make their pages curl and the glue that holds them together deteriorates. It’s best to store your books inside, or use a bookcase with glass doors to protect them from dust. If you’ve noticed it’s time for a new door, consider Garage Doors Bristol like Up & Over, suppliers of a range of Garage Doors Bristol.

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Other items that should be kept out of the garage include fresh food and beverages. The temperature fluctuations of a garage can spoil foods in containers, and the humidity can make canned goods rust and the metal lids of food jars corrode. Food and beverage cans and jars can be stored in a pantry or basement instead. If you’re going to store these types of items in your garage, it’s best to label them so that you know what’s inside when you need it.