28 April 2023

You can find the Chained Library and Mappa Mundi in the beautiful Cathedral of Hereford.

By ruiiid5

With a tight-knit community that have worked and worshipped together for over 1,300 years, Hereford Cathedral is a very special Home to not only all these religious devotees but to the Chained Library and the Mappa Mundi.  The exquisite chamber that holds the Mappa Mundi is open from 10:00am through to 4:30pm every day, except Sundays, and the exhibition allows excited visitors and locals to discover the way in which scholars looked at the world more than seven hundred years ago. The chained library includes over 1,200 early printed books and 229 illuminated manuscripts.  Everything in this priceless exhibition has to be meticulously recorded and officially detailed by the careful Bookkeepers Hereford so that every piece of history and historical evidence is kept safe.

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The practical and essential necessities of careful and accurate bookkeeping is best left to the professionals and experts in this elite field of expertise.  No mistakes can be made, and every single book would need to be carefully documented before being added to the priceless chained collection.  The Cathedral at Hereford is privileged to hold the papers of Professor Valerie Flint in its Archives and library.  They detail her book (unfortunately unfinished) “The Hereford Map Pilgrimage: Politics and Power in Thirteenth Century England”.

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Careful and accurate Bookkeeping is necessary in a lot of different areas of expertise but especially when the details recorded are SO important to essential history facts.