22 March 2022

General Guidelines For Purchasing And Selling A Website

By ruiiid5

Whether you are buying or selling a website, you have certainly been on numerous channels that list websites for sale. You have come across annoying buyers or difficult sellers. Whichever side you fall on, you can benefit from observing a few guidelines to make your transaction smooth and fruitful. Some of these general guidelines are:

Provide a URL 

Some website sellers prefer to keep the URLs secret for competitive reasons. However, if you are hiding your URL because you are afraid someone will steal your content, chances are it has happened already so do give your URL. Furthermore, the person purchasing the website from you is doing so because he or she does not want to steal content. Failing to provide a URL makes you look stupid.

Summarise your website 

If you want to sell a website, you first must prepare and make it appealing to prospective buyers. An excellent idea would be to use brokers, who handle all this work for you. However, if your website is not worth that much, you are better off doing the work yourself. Instead of writing up a 2000-word essay on your site, summarise your review. Buyers do not want to spend all their time reading.

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Give statistics

Those looking to buy your website will obviously want to review its statistics. Make the work easier for them by providing statistics about the traffic and the income the site is generating. You can take a screenshot of your stats page or provide a link to it. You can also take a screenshot of the income you get, blurring out the elements that are against the TSO. Your monthly income should cover at least the last four months. If the website is newer than that, give as much information as you can.

Ask questions 

This one applies more to buyers. Before you can buy a site, ask the most relevant questions. Such questions include, how old is the website? Is it originally yours or did you buy it? How much traffic do you generate? How much local traffic do you get? Why are you selling it now? Where do you get your content? Will I have full copyright to the content and scripts if I purchase? How many resources do you use? How much do you pay for your hosting?

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Check the site for another listing 

When researching a website to buy, do not just stick to one listing. When you find a site that you want on a certain listing, search it on several other listings, if you find it in other listings, and it did not sell, there must be something wrong. Dig further and you will find what it is. It could be that the owner wants more money for the site than its actual worth.

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Determine content copyrights 

The worst mistake you can make is to buy a website only to realise the content is stolen. Besides looking bad to your visitors, you may find yourself being sued for thousands or millions of dollars.