10 August 2023

How does air conditioning function?

By ruiiid5

The air conditioning systems that cool your home, office or commercial building are based on a simple principle. They extract heat energy from the air, expel it outside and then circulate chilled air back into the interior of your space. Air conditioners come in all shapes and sizes and they all operate on the same fundamental concept.

The cooling process relies on a compound known as refrigerant. Refrigerant is crucial to the functioning of an air conditioning system because it can transition between liquid and gas states or between hot states.

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As warm indoor air passes over the evaporator coil located inside the unit the cold liquid refrigerant within the coil absorbs heat energy from the air. Subsequently a blower fan circulates this cooled refrigerant through vents back into the house or building releasing cooled air that’s free from heat. When you need Air con Stroud, consider acecc.co.uk/air-conditioning-near-me/air-conditioning-stroud/

Once this cooling moves through the house or building it travels to the unit via copper tubing. At this point responsibility shifts to the compressor. This is where actual work begins as the compressor compresses the liquefied refrigerant into a high pressure gas.

Next the compressed refrigerant moves to the condenser coil located in the unit. This coil consists of metal fins that disperse the heat energy into the surrounding environment. A fan associated with the coil helps eliminate any trapped heat.

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Throughout this process the refrigerant constantly cycles between the evaporator coil in the unit and the condenser coil in the outdoor unit. This cycle facilitates transfer of heat energy from one environment to another ensuring that cold air is consistently blown into your space.

When you activate your air conditioning system, your thermostat sends a signal to start this cycle repeatedly. This is how your room gets cooled down. It’s how your entire building remains comfortable during summers.

The modern process of air cooling came from Willis Carrier who invented the first practical air conditioning system in 1902. His invention paved the way for innovations such as air conditioning for supermarkets, indoor shopping malls and transatlantic flights.

Air conditioning remains an aspect of our lives today. It plays a role in maintaining healthy environments whether it’s our homes or offices. Understanding the functioning of air conditioning systems can greatly assist in selecting the option for your space be it a central AC or a ductless solution. Having knowledge about how air conditioning works will enable you to make a decision regarding the system that best suits your needs.