22 December 2023

What can you not send in the mail?

By ruiiid5

The convenience of sending packages and letters through the mail is a service that only goes so far, so let’s take a look at some of the items that are prohibited.

Hazardous materials

Sending hazardous materials through the mail is strictly prohibited. This includes explosives, flammable substances, and corrosive materials. Such items pose a significant risk during transit and can lead to accidents or even disasters. A same day courier in London might be able to help.

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Perishable items

While some perishable items can be mailed, others are prohibited due to the risk of spoilage, leakage, or contamination. It is important to check with postal services for specific guidelines on shipping perishable goods and it is often best to use a same day courier in London instead.


Living animals cannot be sent through the mail. This includes pets, insects, and any other living creatures. Animal welfare and safety are of utmost importance, so shipping them through traditional mail services is not a viable option.

Cash and valuables

Sending cash through the mail is discouraged due to the risk of theft. Valuables such as precious metals, jewellery and gemstones should always be sent using secure, trackable methods to ensure their safe delivery. A same day courier London can do this for you.

Obscene or offensive material

Items that are considered obscene, offensive or harmful to public morals are restricted. Postal services have guidelines in place to prevent the distribution of materials that may violate community standards.

Weapons and ammunition

Firearms, explosives and ammunition are generally not allowed in the mail. Shipping such items requires adherence to strict regulations; in many cases, special licences and permits are needed.

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Illegal substances

Unsurprisingly, sending illegal substances through the mail is strictly against the law.