31 May 2016

10 businesses you can start in your spare time


On many occasions, we’ve all thought about the possibility to find a way of extra income can devote part of our leisure time, or simply that can adapt to our time needs. Find the way of compensation not only we can satisfy level economic but can also be an escape route to feel more valued and who knows, finding the key that transport you to a better present.

We move in a context in which this type of work out highly favored for the following reasons:

– The explosion of new technologies that allow us to be connected to a lot of potential customers.

– The paradigm shift at work level: less inertia and the approach to hire more workers “freelance” for certain collaborations.

10 businesses you can start in your spare timeThe 10 business you can start in your spare time

These are some ways in which you can choose…

1- Advisor 2.0: if you master a subject you can offer your services online consulting. The most common and that work best are computer services, web design, online marketing, languages…

2- Fit a related blog a hobby or specialty content marketing is a tool that requires patience but extremely powerful when used well.

3- Writer or translator for media: many media, in an attempt not to pay many fixed payroll want to collaborate with 3rd place with good writing skills for jobs or translation.

4- Photography and video service for events: events are usually on a weekend or on a Friday afternoon so you fit well on your needs. Just set up a simple web presentation and try to hunt services. You can issue you in any specific web wedding for example.

5- Riding a marketplace on Amazon or Ebay: you would crossings of people who have “subtends” on these portals that simply sells products through “drop shipping” do not buy, sells through a provider who is having the stored stock.

6- Affiliate of any reference website: The only mission members are to attract traffic to be paid for transactions resulting from users sent. This business model is widely used for travel websites, online gambling or financial products. There are specific portals where there is a wide range of affiliate products.

7- Taking an online course: You can be in eBook format, video or audio. Now there are multiple options to market: through a web / own blog, portals or specialized collective buying online training portals.

8- Virtual Assistant: there are many managers who need to relieve certain administrative burden and they can be helpful to place certain online tasks at low cost.

9- Artist 2.0: If you are good at painting, classical photography or sculpture can sell your works riding your own website.

10- Prepare and sell homemade products: there are plenty of choices: pastries, soaps, candles, dolls, and jewelry … .all these products have a place if properly marketed.

As you can see, there are many paths to choose to find a 2nd or 3rd route of entry. What business do you think is a good choice to start in your spare time?