9 March 2017

12 Indicators that you are doing well in social networks


Although most companies are already on social networks, this is not synonymous with doing well. As important as having a Social Media strategy is knowing how to evaluate the results. Here are some pointers that can serve to find out if you are on the right track.

12 Indicators that you are doing well in social networksFollowers come to you. Although at first it was difficult to start, once you got the first followers you can see that your community grows at a steady, slow but sure pace. This is synonymous with being really interested in what you are going to tell them.

You look after your community as your greatest treasure. You worry about knowing what they think, what their interests are and what you can offer them so they want to stay with you.

Your messages have repercussions. You know what they like and you strive to give it to them. So you get your actions in social networks accumulate Likes, retuits or any kind of positive valuation and have virality.

Your community interacts with you. You have made your profile an open channel to the conversation, that your users have decided to participate with your comments and contributions. This is one of the main signs that you are doing well.

You are getting web traffic. Social networks should help increase your business volume. They are a springboard for your brand and your products, which leads directly to the interest for the purchase, or to know more closely the product. Take advantage to give them a favor treatment, present products and exclusive offers; That way you’ll make them feel important.

Share your content. Your efforts to generate quality content get your brand across borders, visiting other sites 2.0, reaching more people and attracting interested users.

They mention you in social networks. You are also becoming important. Your name begins to sound in Social Media, accompanied by recommendations, or the quality of your content, thereby expanding the diffusion of your brand.

They even ask you. Suddenly you have become a reliable source, you go to solve doubts, and your opinion is taken into account. It is a great step to improve your online reputation and become an influencer.

You have managed to generate engagement. The step before fidelity, an ideal state, where you can enjoy a closer treatment with your users, who have already fallen surrendered to your brand and those who continue surprising with news and information in the first.

They resort to you directly if there is a problem. This is a very important aspect, which you should never neglect. In the face of a complicated situation, the fact that the customer directly addresses your doubts conveys confidence, and prevents you from devoting yourself to spotting your online reputation in strange profiles. In this way you have focused the origin of the problem and you can control it, in such a way that it is no more than a punctual event, thus preventing it from going further.

You’re there for when they need you. For the above described, it is important that they can always find you, that you attend your requests and show how much you care.

Your deeds precede you. A good management of your online reputation will be your best letter of introduction. Even your community will speak for you, what else can you ask for?