2 November 2016

44% of users prefer interactive mobile advertising


The study on ‘Consumption and interaction with mobile advertising reflects a high interaction and user preference for this type of advertising. 55% of consumers have used advertising through their mobile devices, with 33% through mobile and 23% from tablets.

Hand of Business man connect the online space with smartphoneThe study was presented today in Barcelona at the event ‘Keys to maximize the presence of your company on the net’, organized by the Chamber of Commerce, where Onbile has participated. It has been done by mobile usurious survey during the month of September 2013 by GMI under the direction of the Mobile Marketing Association and with the collaboration of Onbile, company associated with MMA.

As for the interaction of users with advertising, 53% acknowledge having clicked a mobile ad, which 53% of product or service, 48% store business or brand, 38% an app or game , an event 21% and 15% a charity.

It is also noteworthy that 82% of users thought buy after seeing a mobile ad, 60% think it should be possible to interact with their phones immediately after seeing a product or service on television.

44% of users prefer interactive mobile advertising and 64% considered more attractive advertising with video and graphics multimedia.

Users have indicated that mobile advertising content would improve if I could set personal preferences (29%), if I could buy quickly from your phone (27%) and if I had the option of consuming the announcement and to block later (38%).