22 November 2018

45% of workers check social networks secretly in their work


Almost all to a greater or lesser extent, we access social networks from work, more if we have an Internet connection. However, few are those who do it with the authorization of their bosses.

This is how a recent survey developed by Laborum, reveals that 45% of participants recognized that they review their social network accounts behind their boss’s back. Of them, 14% acknowledged doing it always, 11% frequently and 20% occasionally.

The most fun of it, is that everyone admits that being in a social network and noticing the steps of a person nearby, quickly move the mouse to put something related to their work on computers.

Of the total of respondents who admit entering social networks from work, we must differentiate two groups: one made up of 45% that states that in some way, their work is related to social networks, and another composed of 41% who admits that they are not relevant to their companies.

However, in many cases employees are caught and that is when the threats of “the next time block access” come up, something that in many cases happens, at least in 49% of the cases, where the respondents admit that the networks have been blocked either permanently or temporarily.

But if something is amazing, it is not that the boss bothers to see an employee in the networks, but that the comrades themselves are those who oppose. In the survey, 27% are upset that their colleagues enter social networks during working hours, 28% are indifferent and 36% consider that they are free to manage their work times in one way or another.

There is something undeniable, the social networks are sources of contacts and news in real time, but not everywhere its use is of vital importance. Is it so hard for us to control ourselves?