2 February 2016

5 Habits to foster creativity in your company


How to devote resources to creativity in your business without taking the time or mental energy to your employees? Fostering these five habits…

Did you know that the CEO of Nike, Mark Parker carries a notebook whose left side devoted to issues of business development, operations, and the right to creative ideas? In each sheet goes the same topic, but approached from these two points of view. He ensures that this works the left and right brain. It ensures that helps foster creativity and keep the focus on the business. The best of this habit is that does not take away time from their main tasks or costing your company money.

With this in mind, we sought other healthy habits there many- to encourage creativity in your business that you waste time, no idea.

1. Accustom your team to handwrite and leave the computer when you have to think

Being an entrepreneur makes your mind is always turning to absolutely everything. Writing and / or at the computer thinking is overrated when you have an idea to write by hand test in a small notebook or on a piece of paper. This will help you seat the ideas, to ‘think aloud’, but capturing it on a piece of paper, so that when you finish writing to reread the writing. When you review ideas, important ideas pass them on colorful sticky notes depending on the area of business to which they relate and stick them on a wall in the office where all employees can see them.

creativity in your company

2. Disordered ideas, let mix

Instead of grouping the notes by business, an area devoted to each business area, try to mess up all the notes. Thus, when you watch out for a sticky note to develop, you always have ideas in its orbit other issues that can get to create synergies with issues that, a priori, had not been given link binding.

3. Put the new ‘big’ ideas rest for a month

When you remove the spark with a new idea from a brainstorming session or practice of sticky notes, before making a decision let stand for about one month. That time will allow you to get away from the idea and see it with a much more critical eye. Sometimes when you’re developing something and you’re so deep you cannot see its shortcomings because you want to defend “swashbuckling” but the weather allows this myself, get away and get back to “mold” that idea.

4. Encourages multidisciplinary between partners

Although each is responsible for a certain sector of the company, inter tasks, especially when you feel that you are stuck at one point. This will allow you to bring new ideas to different issues and put in ‘crisis’ other work. Although each is responsible for something, it is always important to lose this responsibility and play a critical sense that helps improve the business idea.

5. Encourages crossing councils (construction) between profiles within the template

A very creative profile (think, for example, a designer) or a financial or trade or professional coming from academia have the different view of life and address the problems and useful ways to encourage a person to another profile you your opinion as you would a task you want to improve. Often nothing comes applicable, but you can get to great discoveries, such as applying methodologies creative work that helps them to disperse less and focus on solving a problem every time.