26 September 2018

5 reasons to use a same day courier


If you need to have an item delivered immediately, but using your own in-house delivery team is not possible, working with a same day courier service can enable you to provide the efficient service your customers are looking for. Here are five reasons why it makes sense.

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An easy life for your customers

Offering same day courier services can encourage customers to pick your company rather than others, where they might have to wait overnight or for two days for delivery. If they want a product, receiving it the same day can be a top priority, so you can offer this convenience to your customers.

Reduce vehicle expenses

Operating business vehicles can be expensive, so if you are looking to reduce costs, using same day courier services can help. In addition to saving on fuel costs, your vehicle repair and maintenance bills will also be lower.

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Focus on your business priorities

Running your business can be challenging enough, without having to concern yourself about having an item delivered within a few hours. According to Total Retail, a same day courier service is now expected by consumers. To allow you to concentrate on the core of your business, companies such as All about Freight offer same day courier services, so you do not have to worry.

Reduce costs further

Outsourcing your deliveries to a same day courier service can reduce your business costs considerably. In addition to saving on vehicle costs, you can also save on employee costs such as payroll taxes, overtime and sick pay, by reducing your in house delivery team and outsourcing deliveries. These expenses can be avoided, along with the hours that it takes to administer them. If the sole purpose of your vehicle fleet is to make deliveries, it can be eliminated or at least reduced significantly by changing to a courier service.

Reduce risks and liability

Employing in house delivery drivers means that you can be liable for any accidents they are involved in if they prove to be at fault. Your company and insurance provider will have to deal with any problems arising from accidents and this can involve considerable financial costs. Having a vehicle off the road can also be very inconvenient. These problems can be avoided by changing to courier services and passing the risks and responsibilities on to them.