7 April 2016

6 Strategies put in practice to get customers safe online


When you start with an online project what can happen is you do not have experience in digital marketing and go giving “flying blind” to find the formula that will be profitable. The most important thing is to find what works for you but have lost valuable time and money.

Each project is different and in this article will not delve into the exact and specific techniques in each subject, but what I’ll do is to have cleared 6 arenas of action that will be useful and if you know develop yourself well in them, you have many ways to make your online eCommerce project or a success. If you had to study the “career” of digital marketing and sit in the classroom on your first day, the school principal would tell you that these are the six core subjects to be passed to pass the course.

6 Strategies put in practice to get customers safe online6 practices for customers get online

That said, the actions to take into account are:

1- Create content that provides value to your users must think yours clients continually seek information possible related to your products. When looking for the best that can happen is to find your site, your blog or comments on social networks that solve exactly what they were looking for as it will be when you’re closer to capture a new customer. In the generation of content I’ll include your strategies:

  • Social media: Social networks have to be your content amplifiers.
  • Blog marketing: This is the great tool to connect content and users.
  • Video marketing: A very good option to create viral content.

2- Search engine optimization (SEO): Certainly one of the best options you have to create web traffic. What it is that your web exit at the top of Google? This is not a quick and easy task, so there are some projects that leave it aside because it does not yield very short term but long term it is one of the best investments you can undertake. These actions to position the web is divided into:

  • SEO “on page“: everything you can do within the page (tags, keywords …)
  • SEO “off page”: actions to take into account outside of your page (page rank, inbound links …)

3- Define channels profitable PPC (pay per click): One of your obsessions will be from where you can buy clicks that make you get a CPA (cost per acquisition) focused on your most profitable products. The main options that can shuffle are as follows:

  • Google AdWordscampaigns on Google payment. They can be in text, display (banners) or remarketing.
  • Social ads:paid campaigns on social networks (facebook, twitter, linkedin …).
  • Online advertising: Banners contract or other advertising on websites with heavy traffic.

4- Improve the usability of your website: Anything you will serve to attract traffic and then not have a usable web. For this to be true mainly you have to pass the following:

  • Quick Load: there are hardly any waiting times
  • It’sintuitive and easy to use
  • There isa clear guide for conversions occur

5- Optimize your actions after sales and CRM (customer relationship management): It is important to analyze everything you can to keep your customers return to buy or how you get in touch with users who did not finish their first transaction on your website.

6- Try if possible raise an affiliate marketing campaign: Some may be surprised to put affiliation as “core subject” but, and this is a personal opinion, in the coming years will be a very important point in the marketing strategy of any website that wants to increase their sales.