22 July 2018

77% of small businesses have never used social media and networks


Very few small businesses are taking advantage of the benefits that social networks can bring to their businesses, according to new research.

The study, conducted by Fasthosts, showed that 77% of small companies have never used social networks and only 27% have used digital technologies to contact their customers.

This recent research is opposed to the other Fasthost studies of recent years that demonstrate the importance of being present in social networks.

Steve Holford, marketing director of the company Fasthosts, said that “for many small companies, fighting for digital visibility can be a real stress and a great challenge to face.”

“However, each entrepreneur must know that there are very simple low cost solutions to improve their position in search engines and thus begin to understand how web pages work”

There is some knowledge, rather scarce, in the business community although it is an area in which they must invest more time and effort.

Only a third (34%) of those interviewed for the survey indicated that they were concerned about their online visibility, while one in five admitted that the growth of their companies could have been reduced by the lack of digital strategies.

Steve Holdford also added that the aforementioned research shows that consumers now expect to analyze digital reviews and multimedia materials as part of their online purchasing decisions.

Holdford stressed that every small company can win with its presence in social networks from demonstrating commitment to its audience through digital interaction, and being present in their activities proactively in the most popular social media channels.