23 May 2016

8 Tests A / B essential to your online marketing strategy


If you look in my blog tab “Who am I”, below is a phrase where you will read the following: “It acts fast, test, measure, edit, repeats and optimizes Internet is your big test lab.”

This phrase summarizes what is for my online marketing strategies:

  • You need to constantly tests.
  • Act fast because everything is going online faster.
  • Make smart decisions with data in hand and not with “acts of faith”.

8 Tests essential to your online marketing strategyOnline marketing strategy 8 tests a / b haves

As I said before, everything strategist needs to do some tests or tests, I propose the following:

  1. Test A / B landing pages: Landing pages need some tests to become as much as possible. For this work you have the tool Google website optimizer.
  2. Test A / B in your newsletters: It is highly recommended that once you change some things about the normal structure of your newsletters to see if they improve the results of interaction with users.
  3. Test A / B on google adwords ads: For one campaign you need to see if you can improve the CTR with text variations.
  4. Test A / B types in advertising in social networks: In the “ads” on Facebook and LinkedIn programs primarily two types of advertising (the most used). One is the direct advertisements and the other is choosing to sponsor an article or publication. It is very interesting to test what kind of advertising works best for you.
  5. Test A / B in the CTA of your website: As always says, do not expect users to do what you want by telepathy. Calls to action are your weapon to get more conversions.
  6. Test A / B with the usability of your website: There is a program that is fine to do this kind of usability testing.
  7. Test A / B at the times of publication: This affects posts on your blog and publications on all your social networks: facebook, twitter, linkedin, google + … All have their schedules and optimize it will give much more visibility.
  8. Test A / B in your SEO strategy: Here you are several variants. Since changes and tests keywords you’re working to use variants in SEO tools that you think necessary.

The “testings” are the basis of online marketing. Nothing is perfect and everything is tunable to get more engagement, more conversions and more sales. Whenever you accompany a good measurement results it is never a waste of time the A / B tests.

What kind of test A / B use in your online marketing strategy?