21 October 2020

A Guide to Starting your Own Bed and Breakfast in Devon

By ruiiid5

Devon is a favourite holiday location for so many people – happy childhood memories of summers spent by the seaside and fun in the local pubs are ready to be made in this beautiful part of the country.


Many families visit the area especially in the height of summer and there is plenty to do – from asking what are the shops in Honiton high street to where can I get some great fish and chips – the tourism industry is big in this part of the UK.

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When people think of moving here, many of them have a dream of earning a living by running their own bed and breakfast – in a place that is a tourist area this is a great idea. But before you go ahead, here are a few things that you should know if you want to get it right…


Cleanliness is really important, and an otherwise fantastic room could be badly reviewed if the cleaning is not up to a high standard. Make sure that bedding is always clean and free of stains and pay attention to areas like behind and under the bed which can gather dirt.

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Provide guests with what they need for a comfortable stay. It doesn’t have to be the height of luxury, but a few home touches are warmly welcomed. A hospitality tray with hot drinks facilities and some biscuits is great.


Make sure that appliances are in good working order. There is nothing worse than arriving somewhere to find the television doesn’t work, or that the kettle is leaking, so pay attention to things like this to ensure guests have a comfortable stay.