14 December 2015

Adapt or Die – Making the Move to Adaptive Web Design


Without a doubt, we are now in the omni-channel age. Consumers are accessing more content using multiple devices, and businesses must deliver an experience that matches user expectations at every turn. Currently, many sites are using responsive web design (RWD), which allows sites to format on any channel to the right size. It is, however, full of compromise in the switch between the mobile and desktop environment, and the latest turn to adaptive web design can certainly help achieve a more seamless experience. Here we outline some key questions to ask yourself as you consider if it is right for your site.

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1) Beware the Silo

Research from Google demonstrates that 90% of consumers will switch between platforms to achieve their goal. It is no longer enough therefore to consider your mobile and desktop strategy individually – what is needed is an experience that transitions effortlessly. Can your site currently handle that kind of ask?

2) Know the Importance

In May of 2015 Google started issuing notifications to webmasters warning that sites are not mobile-friendly, with the implication that a new algorithm based on mobile ranking was forthcoming. Given that they also estimate half of all paid-search clicks come from mobile devices, it makes absolute sense to ensure your site is ready for any changes and optimised to take advantage of all that traffic.

3) Changing Your Thinking Can Pay Large Dividends

According to Website Magazine, retailer Avenue32 delivered a 400 per cent increase in orders from smartphones and tablets as well as doubling their mobile traffic and increasing conversions by 270% when they moved to AWD – who wouldn’t want those numbers?

4) Consider Your Knowledge

The latest move to AWD is one that needs a specialist who can help, whether that’s to develop or advise. If you don’t have that experience in-house, then you should actively consider whether an agency such as Bristol website design agency Aardvark Creative might be able to help.

Whatever you choose, the end game has to be to exceed user expectations. Modern users expect brilliant performance and engagement through the funnel, whatever their device of choice. Ask yourself these four key questions, and you could be on the road to success in no time.