27 October 2016

Advertisers are betting on native advertising through content marketing


Native advertising is very present in the online marketing strategy for brands and agencies, according to the new study shows Hexagram and Spada. Their data indicate that 62% of advertisers and included in your media plan and plans to devote more resources to these formats next year.

The native type of advertising most used by respondents (65%) is included in articles and posts in mainstream media and specialized blogs. As the second most attractive option, 56% of the brands uses Facebook as well as ads in videos (52%). On the other hand, 46% also hires advertising on Twitter, and 35% designed infographics.

Advertisers are betting on native advertising through content marketingIn view of the results, advertisers believe that this type of advertising is effective, especially in the case of posts (58%) and articles (56%) and videos (53%). Instead, Facebook and Twitter lose popularity, only a third of respondents believe they are getting a significant ROI.

On average marks allocated 27.5% of its budget to such campaigns, indicating that the balance is positive. 85% of brands considered native advertising brings them a new type of benefit. Specifically, they estimate that obtained 20.4% of the total profit.

The main reason that leads advertisers to use this type of advertising is the consideration that these ads bring value to your target audience. 67% of marketers use native advertising to provide a more relevant message, 63% to increase the engagement and 62% to increase brand awareness.However, studies do not reflect this same attitude on the part of consumers.ChoiceStream this week showed that 86% of respondents gives the impression that these emails tried to fool them. In order to prevent consumers feel well, 80% of respondents indicated Spada by Hexagram and trying to point out their native.

The most common mode used by 64% of them was to add the “sponsored” adjective. A resource that, all told, many formats do not allow, or simply not enforced. One of the main characteristics of native advertising is that it adopts the surroundings in which it is located, in order to “camouflage” with the remaining contents.

Therefore, while advertising content view, as advertising stays. The important thing is not to try to hide the dye intended message describing advertisements, but design-oriented offer a useful message at the time that the target audience sues strategy. That is, when the client is in the phase of active search for the product you are interested.