17 March 2017

Advertising that integrates the Internet with other media achieves greater effectiveness and scope


The integration of the Internet into the media mix increases and strengthens the reach of the audience, optimizes the investment and contributes to the improvement of brand building indicators.

IAB presents the first Cross Media Study with the objective of demonstrating how the combination of the Internet and other media in marketing strategies increases the effectiveness and reach of the advertising message, significantly improving brand building indicators and optimizing investment.

Advertising that integrates the Internet with other media achieves greater effectiveness and scopeThe main findings of the study are:

The Internet increased the reach of the audience less exposed to other media.

Television itself had a large reach (78%), however, when other media were integrated, more people were impacted by the advertising campaign (88%); This occurred mainly when adding the Internet to the media mix (6%).

Media integration in a campaign optimizes investment

At first, most of the reach was built with television; From the 14 contacts, the integration of television with the Internet gained a wider reach with the same number of contacts.

Given that a part of the target audience is less exposed to television, the integration of the Internet and television in the campaign allowed to build additional reach, optimizing the investment.

 Integrating the Internet with magazines and television, improves brand building indicators.

The integrated campaign increased Bolo’s awareness of the target audience (from 68% to 84%) and increased purchase intent by 23% (from 28% to 51%).

Although the television by itself gave very good results to position the image of Bolo, the combination of Internet with magazines managed to reinforce them significantly, mainly to relate to Liverpool with the Christmas purchases.

“With this study we seek to help advertisers see that the Internet is an effective advertising platform to achieve knowledge, recommendation, positioning and purchase intention for their brands, so it is necessary to incorporate other indicators, beyond the click, to evaluate the True performance of a campaign, “said Gabriel Richaud, Director General of IAB.

“We want to generate and promote metrics that highlight the value of digital advertising in brand building. Televisa.com is a cross-platform company that works in an integrated way, so we are interested in generating quantitative and qualitative information that gives greater clarity to Marketing professionals, “said Clara Méndez, Director of Sales Marketing at Televisa.

Leticia Rentería, Director of Research for Liverpool, said: “In the advertising evaluations we have done, we had not measured all the media in a campaign like now. Advertisers should risk more harmonizing traditional media with digital media, Which have proven to be very efficient.The campaigns that integrate different media make it possible to take advantage of budgets better, reflecting both the reach of a target audience and the intention to buy.