30 October 2016

All measurable and with a clear quantitative objective


“Science has not yet taught us if madness or is not the most sublime intelligence” and said Edgar Allan Poe. The creative talent should be one of the most sought after qualities and valued by the susceptibility of being pioneers in our marketing strategies, either on-line or off-line. However, the race is underway market is tough, competitive and takes place at breakneck speeds.

“Creativity under pressure” or rather “creative”. It is true that stress can be very convenient because it produces chemical changes in the body that allow neural connections and everything goes faster. How many times driving has not happened to you that you dodged an obstacle without knowing not even like you did? Really it sharpens wit under pressure or stress. Now, it is that environment then generate appropriate work stress to get immediate results? Is that really effective business attitude?

All measurable and with a clear quantitative objectiveMan acts largely through motivation. Already in 2008 the study of two-way creativity of De Dreu et al noted that it is possible to reach creative results through opposite way. Both through motivation approach, geared toward the pursuit of achieving positive results or through avoidance motivation, that aimed at avoiding negative consequences. In my personal opinion, the latter I call on the flat, or popular language, discouragement or despair.Right here we would see the phrase “the need arouses wit.”

Internet is increasingly revealing the loss of creativity, lack of ingenuity and we will say conformism. creativity is confused with an adaptation that has proved so productive, effective and successful as the original who also happened a copy. Over the same everywhere. We stick to what works, and not inquire, nor delve further: something that works better waiting to see the light. The pressure no room for freedom, flexibility, and above all, imagination.

In a more distant time creative professions were clearly differentiated from the financial, now that wall was demolished and the desire measurements, statistics, and structured processes and extra-optimized are eating that such a fundamental part: the spirit of brands.

“Whatever you do, do it well” Now, I leave thinking What is it right for you?Show results or passion? Both of them? Perhaps, a balance between quantitative and qualitative assessment? For me, definitely: balance.