11 January 2016

Balancing Conversion-Rate Optimisation and User Experience


The dual concerns of marketers are sometimes considered mutually exclusive: on the one hand, the desire to maximise conversion-rate optimisation and throughput of sales; on the other, the requirement to be guardians of the user experience and the voice of the customer. Here we outline some points for consideration as how the two can be less conflicting and more harmonious.

Balancing Conversion-Rate Optimisation and User Experience

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As CRO grows in importance, you’ll want to ensure your UX and CRO efforts are integrated. In optimising your sales funnel you’ll be focused mainly on two features of design:

1) Reducing wasted clicks that lead to a user moving away from your site. This might be due to slow page loading, excess pages or wrong page navigation.

2) Reducing cognitive confusion – the doubt placed in the mind of your customer that means they waver over conversion.

In reality, both of these will also aid your UX massively by reducing choices to the point of simplicity.

A Few Other Points to Note

1) Not all users are equal. As well as user objective understanding, you need to ensure a strong understanding of where your traffic is sourced and its levels of engagement with your site. Mapping those individual user flows to conversion will help you achieve your business objectives whilst delivering value for your customers.

2) Make sure that when a user moves from a limited information source (an ad or landing page), your web designers fill the gaps appropriately. This will ensure they convert in the way you need and their experience is a strong one.

3) In designing your conversion content, make sure it supports rather than distracts from your call to action, and use strong headlines or hooks to lead them through the last registration or sale step. If you’re struggling with this, consider how designers such as Vizion Online can help.

4) Remember that conversion of all visitors isn’t optimal. Instead, focus on designing an experience that converts the right visitor based on the knowledge you gained.

The truth is that UX and CRO needn’t be mutually exclusive. Both can work towards your ultimate goal of getting a higher number of conversions, but only if you don’t silo your thinking and you keep the customer top of mind at all times.