17 January 2022

Can you still build homes from wood?

By ruiiid5

The simple answer is yes. There is wood in your home right now in the loft holding up the roof. There may also be floorboards or a compressed wood floor underneath the carpet in the upper floor or floors. However, is it possible to build a house primarily from wood, but it is increasingly rare for this to be the case. From a Home Buyers Survey, you can see if there is a lot of wood in the property; it’s where Sam Conveyancing can be a great help in getting a purchase over the line.

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There are now plenty of construction companies that are fully prepared to put a set building up for you. The great thing about wood is that it can be pretty much whatever you want it to be. Due to it’s malleable nature, wood can make extensions or levels to whatever shape and size you want it to be.

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The most important thing to remember is that the wood needs to be treated. Modern wood construction is one of the most protected. It is covered in varnishes and pesticides that stop rot and decay so that the wood will last for hundreds of years. Wood constructions are not new by any means. Log cabins and Chalets are still used in North America and the Continent. They are also used for leisure purposes. So the question is, why not for regular use as well?