1 December 2015

Choosing a system for membership management


People usually form clubs or societies as the result of a particular shared interest, whether a sport, hobby or charitable cause; however, the people running the organisation can often find themselves spending more time managing the day-to-day operation than enjoying the benefits.

membership management

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The major chore is often dealing with membership, whether handling renewals, dealing with queries or administering conferences; however, the latest software means it is possible to run a membership organisation without it becoming a full-time job. What do you need to look for when you are choosing a system?

What to look for

There are, of course, many membership management systems available, which means you need to consider carefully what your needs are and which software is the best fit. The size of the organisation is important; for example, if you are a relatively small society, you won’t want a system that is built to cope with tens of thousands of members. On the other hand, you do need to have the capacity to cope with growth.

Ease of use is also important, as much of the work may be done by volunteers and you won’t want to spend too much time on training. The more intuitive the system, the sooner people will be able to pick it up and become productive.

You also need to consider the services you want to offer your membership. Adopting the right system can help you to provide a much better service in addition to making the administration easier.

Benefits for members

Systems from suppliers such as http://www.satori-membership-management.co.uk/ enable a high degree of self-service; for example, members can process their own renewals online without having to deal with staff or volunteers during office hours. The result is less admin and a better member experience, as the system is available 24/7.

Communication is also made easier, as you can compile mailing lists that allow you to target members in particular geographical regions or with specific interests. This makes organising meetings or events such as conferences much easier, with a consequent reduction in the time spent by the organisers.

By linking a membership system to the organisation’s website, you can make available information such as white papers or minutes of meetings. This helps to reduce mailing costs and ensures that the most up-to-date information is always accessible.