20 October 2017

Communicating your message with Social Media


We already know how much has transformed all aspects of our social media life, from the way we work to the way we communicate, and much more if we are a company or a brand.

For brands, Social Media is the perfect speaker to make themselves heard, to get their message across and this one goes much further, but something that brands are often wrong to think is enough to have social profiles in the main social networks for users to listen to.

Communicating your message with Social MediaWe need to know how to convey that message

Obviously, the ultimate goal of all brands is to sell your product or service, and for this, we use content related to our niche market, that is, content that serves us to sell our product without selling it directly. For example, if what we want to sell is a training course of any kind, we can use content, own or others, about the importance of training in that sector, the current relevance of that sector, if professionals are demanded for it, and any other related content, for which we can use a blog.

The blog will allow us to accredit ourselves to other users as experts in that topic or market niche to which we belong, as well as being the main channel to communicate that message as a resource that other brands and other users can use to satisfy a need, being a dynamic platform.

On the other hand, if on Facebook we say that we like cars, the real message we are transmitting is that we like action, speed and power. The message we broadcast on this social network is usually promotional and is a great way to create business to business relationships, as well as being ideal for storytelling and visual communication through the publication of images and videos.

Twitter expresses the personality of our brand, positioning us on one side or another allowing us to create personal relationships between the different users and us, thanks to which we will get the much desired engagement that all the professionals look for. It offers us the opportunity to communicate in real time, so our message can be transmitted immediately.

However, in Foursquare our message is transmitted pretending to be a guide for other users. In it we recommend to other Internet users places to go and not to go, what are the best places to eat and which are the lowest quality.
LinkedIn for its part, is the place where our message, where communication tries to reach other professionals and create synergies. It is a perfect place to share our experiences and gain experience. The message contained in LinkedIn can increase the visibility of the brand using the different groups.

As we have said many times, each social network has its own idiosyncrasy, and, therefore, the message must be in accordance with its own personality. The message can always be the same, but it must go in different formats.