5 May 2017

Companies start to realize real Social Media benefits


Content marketing still raises serious doubts as to its effectiveness. What results am I getting? Will I be doing well? How can I measure ROI? The latest report by HubSpot and MIT reveals some very useful data when measuring return on investment in inbound marketing actions.

Companies start to realize real Social Media benefitsThis study was carried out with a sample of more than 5000 HubSpot clients, surveying 236 professionals in the sector, about their Social Media strategy. These are some of the main conclusions:

  • Inbound marketing helps improve web traffic
  • 92.3% of the brands managed to increase their visits to the web thanks to inbound marketing. Of these, 82% recorded an increase of at least 75%.
  • It is a fast and effective method
  • 85% of companies achieved these results in 7 months. Even 48% could already appreciate these improvements before 4 months.
  • Blogging is proclaimed as the most effective practice
  • 25% of respondents emphasize blogging as the most effective technique; While SEO ranks second, with about 19% of the vote.
  • It also contributes favorably to lead generation
  • 92.7% has contributed to the increase of quality contacts of companies. 56.3% even indicated that this increase was at least 50%. Once again the effectiveness of this strategy can be verified; 83.9% of companies saw their potential customers database grow in less than 7 months. Of these, about half got these results in less than 4 months. When reaching these users, the techniques of call to action and landing pages are the most effective (22.82%), followed very closely by blogging (21.59%).

As you might expect, the primary goal of every business is to sell. Hence his concern for the effectiveness of this strategy. The study reports that nearly half of the companies increased their sales in a period of 7 months; In addition, 42.2% of companies were able to convert their leads into sales. Strategies based on call-to-action, along with landing pages, were decisive in promoting conversion.

Companies are definitely seeing the result of their efforts, which encourages them to optimize their strategy and to derive more and more resources in this area.