28 March 2016

Content Marketing: How to polish your best strategy


It is obvious that traditional advertising has saturated users, we remain exposed to many daily advertising impacts inevitably but we can try to get away from both promotional “noise”. When we talk about content marketing, there are two simple trends that make gleams with even more force:

  • The user is more comfortable with formulas slightly more subtle marketing.
  • If you need to consume information we expect to contribute some value : that entertains us or solve a current problem.

Content Marketing How to polish your best strategyKeys to your strategy polishing marketing of contents

That said, this is the list of keys and control boxes initials I propose to develop a good content strategy:

1- Control panel No. 1: Take a table for example excel and add content types, channels used, objectives, structure, frequency, pitch and desired action you want to get your visitors (registration, sale …)

2- Control panel No. 2: Make one second excel and add your main message, the target audience you want to run, summary and supporting messages of the brand or company for which you build content strategy.

3- Control panel No. 3: The third excel will be the keywords. You take a keyword tool (the same google) and define what the most relevant keywords in your industry, or put another way, what most people are looking for search engine optimization.

4- Control panel No. 4: This is the font. It is highly recommended to build a base of reliable sources where you can look up information or get ideas from time to time.

4- Switching formats: Work in more than one format (written + audio + video or audio for example) it will give more wealth to your content.

5- Create a community from the beginning: There are cases where it is thought that this is for later but I think that is healthy just start creating an email list with regular communications for example.

6- You must try to get the relevant content (data, graphics …), entertaining, informative, consistent and honest.

7- Values ​​and mission of the brand or company: Once defined must go impinging on them repeatedly to that deployed in your audience.

8- Looking to converse with your followers: Try your content causes positive reactions and interactions to engage so you have in mind.

9- Measure and optimize: When you have a little history, analyzes the results in order to measure what works best for you and to see if variations to cause the right effect.

10- Contents + social media + SEO: Content must not treat it as a separate item, it has to be coordinated and hand with your search engine optimization and clear is you do use social networks.

11- Create an avatar for your audience: I invite you can deepen your user profile and know a few things: Age, location, income, marital status, education, occupation level…

12- Identify your “purple cow” (purple cow): Expression widely used in the USA to refer to how you’re going to differentiate or how you will identify. If we are only good copy of a major competitor we pass unnoticed by the network.

Content marketing is a very powerful strategy to reach our target audience in a more subtle and more effective when done right. True, it is not the marketing strategy to get visible results very short term but if we are consistent and coherent with the message is more economical than others.